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The most popular card games of all time

Card games have been popular for a very long time, and were probably first played within informal gambling venues such as taverns, as well as in the first land-based casinos. Punters who believed they were experts at counting cards would attempt to beat the dealers. On the other hand, the house did its best to make as much profit as possible.

With the gambling industry moving into the online world, card games are still as popular today as they were then. There are very few online casinos that don’t feature them in some format (you can find the full list on In this article, we’re going to look at what we consider to be the best card games of all time.


Some historians trace poker back to 10th-century China, claiming that it originated from a domino-style game. Others claim it started with a 16th-century Persian game. Whatever the real facts are, it’s undeniable that poker is one of the top-rated card games of all time.

Many casinos run exciting poker tournaments these days, and typically have different poker variants in their table games collections. This variety among both land based and online operators shows just how much gamblers appreciate and respect the game. Furthermore, Poker also features as a popular card game in top Hollywood movies, such as the James Bond film “Casino Royale”.


The game of Blackjack comes in at a close second. While the origins of the card game are still in question, many believe it began when Vingt-et-Un was popular in French casinos in the 1700s. Blackjack is a simple card game where players attempt to beat the dealer by getting a score that is close to 21, but not over! Whoever gets the highest score (the dealer or the player) wins the game, and if someone manages to get a card total of exactly 21, he is said to have got a ‘Blackjack’. The game has become so popular nowadays, that there are many different variants, most of which come with different side bets.



Where you find Poker and Blackjack these days, you’re bound to also find Baccarat. One of the more popular baccarat games is called ‘Chemin De Fir’. Fans of the card game believe this form for the game is the most challenging and presents the ultimate gambling experience.

As with Blackjack, Baccarat has different varieties that you can find in the table games section of most online casinos. There are no specific tournaments worth mentioning, but you may find an impressive jackpot to score. An interesting fact is that some players rip up cards after a bad game due to superstition. 

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